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This EP is a grungy, alternative, and dark trio of songs that cuts right into your soul. 🌑🎸

Track Listing:

  • Screams 😱

  • Love Decay 🖤

  • Hungry Like The Wolf (Cover) by Duran Duran 🐺


In 2012, I went through hell, a dark night of the soul. It was painful; my whole life changed in front of my eyes, and my mental health was very unstable to say the least. It was difficult to write any songs as I felt like my soul had split in a million pieces. I was breaking down, and for many months I thought I was losing my mind.


However, what did come out of it was ‘Screams’ (the devil😈 has sympathy for you) , 'Love Decay', (this song captures the essence of paralysing despair) and Duran Duran’s hit - 'Hungry Like the Wolf'.  🐺🎸


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