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Pioneer 13 🚀
Track Listing:

They 👁️
Shitstem 💀
Time for Love ❤️


This project is named Pioneer 13, inspired by the Pioneer 11 Golden Plaque that was sent into space in 1973.

The plaque, intended as a message to alien life forms, depicts two nude figures (a man and a woman) along with diagrams of the solar system and the sun’s position in space. The number 13 holds powerful significance to me, hence the name. 🌟 Featuring two songs and a poem, this otherworldly EP is a project I’d like to send into space to reach alien life forms! Since waiting for NASA to take me up on my songs isn't practical, I’ve decided to launch them into space myself! 🌠

  • 'They' and 'Shitstem', delve into the dark forces overshadowing our planet. 🌌

  • 'Time for Love', speaks of love amidst the darkness. 💕


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